Thomas Saunders Secondary School Sports Results

St. Hill House is the new champions of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School Annual Inter-House Track and Field Athletics Championships after winning the 9th Championship with a total of 884 points at Victoria Park here in Kingstown yesterday.

Defending Champions, Saunders House finished second with 828 points, followed by Jones House 697 and Webb House 590 points.

There was a tie for the Junior Girls Champion Title with Oleisha Ryan of Saunders House and Kristiana Christopher of Jones House each completing the Championship 18 points. The Junior Boys champion was J-Varney Smith of Jones House with his tally of 23 points.

In the Intermediate Girls Division, Rownesha Spencer of Saunders House won the Champion Athlete Title with 35 points, the Intermediate Boys Champion Title going to Neilo Thomas of St. Hill House who scored 38 points.

Senior Girls Champion and Victrix Ludorium Titles was Kerina Hooper of St. Hill House. She gained 56 points, while Rogike Thorpe of Saunders House won the Senior Boys Champion and Victor Ludorium Titles with 43 points.

A new record was created in the Senior Girls 800-metres in the time of 2 minutes, 34 seconds. The old record was 2 minutes, 41 seconds. 36 Events were contested in yesterday’s Thomas Saunders Track and Field Championships.