Fitzgerald Providence Raises Concerns About Climate Change

Acting Director of the Forestry Department in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry Fisheries and Industry, Fitzgerald Providence said cities contribute a lot more to Climate Change than other areas of any country.
He made this statement during the Face to Face program aired on NBC Radio today as St. Vincent and the Grenadines joined countries around the World to observe Earth Day on Tuesday under the theme “Green Cities”.

Mr. Providence said in St. Vincent and the Grenadines more than half of the population lives in an around the city and as a result of this it uses a lot of energy.

He said this year’s theme for Earth Day is very important as the world seeks to have its cities become greener and contribute less to climate change.

Forestry Supervisor, Cosmus McCloud said having trees around is very important to reduce green house gas emissions.

He highlighted that more people need to practice urban forestry which is simply planting and maintaining more trees in urban areas.