Miss SVG 2014 Was A Success

Chairperson of the Beauty Shows Committee Cheryl Rodriguez says the Miss SVG Pageant was a huge success.

She thanks persons who contributed in making the pageant a success.
Lowmans Hill resident Shadeisha George was crowned Miss SVG on Saturday night at the Victoria Park.

Apart from winning the 80-thousand dollar university scholarship, Ms. George also won two of the four contested categories – Best Evening Wear and Best Talent.

Karla Gellizeau from Edinboro took the first runner up position winning the Best Swimwear category.

And, in third place was Shackell Bobb. She won the best interview segment, Bobb was also given recognition for having the best attendance at training sessions while she was also recognized for being the most community spirited.

The photographers also said Bobb was the most photogenic.