Board Of SVG Cooperative League Ltd. Elects New Executive

A new Executive has been elected to serve on the Board of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Co-operative League Limited.

A release from the League says the elections were held at its 34th Annual General Meeting, held Saturday May 24th.

More than 40 representatives of credit unions and general co-operatives attended the meeting, which was held under the theme: Fifty Years of Co-operative Alliance, Consolidation and Expansion

The new board is headed by President Kelvin Pompey and also includes Vice-President Dwight Lewis, Secretary Camilla Mandeville;Treasurer, Collin May; and Directors: Colin John, Gwendolyn Burgin and Philbert Gould.

Cecelia Williams, Glendon Swift and Thecla Andrews will serve on the Supervisory and Compliance Committees for the corresponding period.

The new board is expected to continue to strategically promote opportunities for co-operatives to work better collectively

Efforts will also focus in the new term on establishing a shared services platform as part of the structure of the league.

In addition a specified programme of training will be implemented, in collaboration with key stakeholders to address; fitness, probity, governance, prudential and risk requirements under the new regulatory regime.