National 1st Division Cricket Results

I-Shallz Byam Physical Therapy, Victors (2) and Radcliffe (2) chalked-up victories in last weekend’s National Lotteries Authority 55-overs a-side First Division Cricket Championship.

I-Shallz Byam Physical Therapy beat Triumph United Cricket Club Team “B” at the Buccament Bay Playing Field.: iShallz Byam Physical Therapy won the game.

Triumph United Cricket Club Team “B”: 27 off 12-overs; Javon Samuel 5 for 7, Kurland Thomas 2 for 4, I-Shallz Byam Physical Therapy: 290 for 5 declared; Lee-Shawn Lewis 150 not-out, Imran Samuel 41.

Victors (2) defeated Triumph United Cricket Club Team “A” at the Sion Hill Playing Field. The scores: Triumph United Cricket Club Team “A”: 187 off 35-overs; Roniel Laborde 58, Nigel Small 41; Damal Phillips 3 for 41, Denis Byam 2 for 27, Victors (2): 257 for 6 off 69.3-overs; Dilworth Thomas 113, Cuban batsman Orlando Guirola 58.

Radcliffe (2) beat Rudy’s Electrical Unique Warriors at Arnos Vale (2).
SCORES: Rudy’s Electrical Unique Warriors: 279 off 41.3-overs; Leon Samuel 145 not out, Kurt Joseph 3 for 45, Shorn Browne 3 for 46.

Radcliffe (2): 308 for 6 off 46-overs; Arnold Gilkes 81, Kevin Sam 66, Mic Kron Mc Dowall 50 not out; Bill Edwards 4 for 49.