Lauders T20 Softball Cricket Final Results

Gairy’s Construction Simple Boys beat CGM Gallagher Novice by 7 wickets yesterday to win the 2015 Digicel/Hairoun Lauders Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Antoine Playing Field, in Lauders.

The scores: CGM Gallagher Novice 56 off 19.4-overs; Kentish Phillips 3 for 7, Simple Boys 57 for 3 off 9.3-overs; Desron Maloney 24.

In the third place paly-off on Saturday, Owia Young Strikers defeated Smashers of Lauders by 37 runs.

In the Awards Ceremony, Jabari Cunningham of Simple Boys scored the most runs (168), the most wickets was taken by Kentish Phillips of Simple Boys (16). Jabari Cunningham was voted the Man of the Championship.

The best wicket-keeper was Dellano Woodley of Smashers, Vernardo Primus of CGM Novice took the most catches (15).

Edgerton Morris of Simple Boys was named with the Coach and Manager of the Championship.

19-teams took part in this year’s Championship. Combined Sixerz of South Rivers won last year’s Title.