No Man Left Behind 2015

Organisers of the Project-MEN-2020 program say the conference which they will be holding on the Grenadine island of Canouan this weekend will be open to every man on the island and not just the men in churches.

The conference takes place from today to October 4th at the Wells of Living Water Church, under the theme “No Man Left Behind 2015”.

Project Coordinator and President of Project Men 2020, Conroy Huggins tells NBC News, the objective of the conference is to make sure that the men in the church become leaders who will promote positive change on the rest of society.

According to Mr. Huggins, men within the Church and outside have to battle many similar challenges on a daily basis.

Mr. Huggins says that many men have strayed from their correct path in life and are now worshipping different material things as their GOD and the conference will also address issues of this nature.