2015 National Science and Technology Fair

The 2015 National Science and Technology Fair will culminate today at the Girl Guide Headquarters at Level Gardens.

This year’s Exhibition is being held under the theme: Scientific and Technological Literacy: An Imperative for a Green Vincentian Society.

The Education Officer responsible for Science in the Ministry of Education Amaala Mohammed, who is also the Co-ordinator of the event, said that the aim of the Fair is to develop a greater appreciation for Science among students and the general population.

Mrs. Mohammed also noted that Science helps students to develop a scientific approach to dealing with various issues in their daily lives.

Meanwhile, President of the Science Teachers Association, Juanita Hunte-King, says this year’s Science and Technology Fair aims to enrich the knowledge of science literacy across the country.

Mrs. Hunte-King, said her organization, is pleased with the level of participation and interest in this year’s Exhibition.

And Communications Officer at the St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited, VINLEC, Tamara Job-Sprott noted that Science is connected to almost every aspect of everyday life.

VINLEC is providing sponsorship for this year’s Science Fair.

This year’s Fair is organised by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Science Teachers Association.