North East Football League Elected New Committee

O-TA-SHIE Spring was elected President of the North East Football League at Saturday’s extraordinary Meeting held at the Community Center in Georgetown.

The other members are, 1st Vice President Keive King, 2nd Vice President Linda Blake, 3rd Vice-President Debson Cruickshank, PRO Bradley Ollivierre, Committee Members Vasha Adams, Jasmine Browne, Foster Branch, and General Secretary (Appointed) Rolando Lewis.

The meeting was held in conjunction to a petition by the affiliated teams and clubs. The petition documents were delivered to the then installed Chairperson Trevor Huggins on 1st January 2016 highlighting a range of issues the affiliates face and requesting elections within twenty one days.

Such time would have elapsed on Friday, January 22nd 2016 without any response from the installed chairperson of the then North East Committee. This would have prompted the occurrence of the extraordinary meeting.

The extraordinary meeting was held with the knowledge of the then installed chairperson and eleven of the fourteen eligible affiliated teams and clubs being represented. The meeting was convened in the presence of the National Football Federation Officials, namely Venold Coombs (President) and Raymond Trimmingham (General Secretary Ag). More so one Lloyd Smith was present as a community observer.

The meeting heard the moving of a motion whether to elect an interim committee or an executive to which the present affiliates agreed to elect an executive after which the issue as put forward in the petition was read and debated.

The elections were presided over by Raymond Trimmingham (SVGFF General Secretary Ag) and assisted by Lloyd Smith (Community Observer).

The executive, with the endorsement of the affiliated Teams and Clubs of the league and the National Football Federation are now task with spearheading the work of the North East Football League. We are ready and willing to work with any other sub groups within the area that wish to be affiliated to the North East Football League.