SVG Strengthens Diplomatic Relations With The USA, The Netherlands and Nicaragua

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has, over the past week strengthened its diplomatic relations with three of its long standing allies, as newly appointed Non-Resident Ambassadors from the Netherlands, the USA and Nicaragua presented Letter of Credence to Governor General- Sir Frederick Ballantyne.

A release from the API said Jules Bijl, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands presented his credentials on Tuesday, March 8th, Linda Taglia-la-tela, Ambassador of the United States of America presented on Wednesday, March 9th, and Val-drack Ludwig Jaent-schke, Nicaragua’ Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs with responsibility for the Caribbean, presented his Letter of Credence on Tuesday, March 15th.

St Vincent and the Grenadines established diplomatic relations with the United States of America on October 27th, 1979, with the Kingdom of the Netherlands on April 8th, 1981 and the Republic of Nicaragua on June 28th, 1991.

Over the years this country has engaged in mutually beneficial partnerships with all three countries, which have promoted economic development.