Rights of A Consumer

The Consumer Affairs Division in the Ministry of Trade is stepping up its thrust to educate and empower consumers across the country.

Speaking on NBC’s Face-to-Face program on Wednesday, Director of Trade- Cuthbert Knights, said one of the major challenges locally is that consumers are unaware of their rights.

Mr. Knights said the aim of the Department is to strengthen the consumer laws, to allow consumers and strengthen consumers’ rights and protection.

Mr. Knights said there are eight basic rights, which must be given to all consumers.

These are the right to safety, information, choice, to be heard, to satisfied their basic need, to redress if complains goes in their favour, to consume an education and the right to a health environment.

Also Mr. Knights is reminding consumers that they have a responsibility to make sure that their rights are respected.

He said one of the major responsibilities of the consumer is to be properly informed about the goods or service they intend to purchase.

In addition, the Consumer Affairs Division in the Ministry of Foreign Trade said it is concerned with the high number of reported cases of consumer dissatisfaction in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Consumer Affairs Officer, Collin Ollivierre said local suppliers and retailers have a responsibility to the consumer, to ensure that the goods provided are of a high standard.

Mr. Ollivierre said the department is also concerned with the unfair treatment usually suffered by consumers.