St Vincent Geothermal Company Will Host A Community Meeting This Weekend To Discuss The National Geothermal Project

The St Vincent Geothermal Company will host a community meeting this weekend to discuss aspects of the National Geothermal Project

A release from the company says the meeting will be held this Saturday, April 9th at 4pm at the Touruma Primary School at Over Land

The Company says the purpose of the meeting is to introduce processes for livelihood restoration where applicable, and resolution of concerns and complaints for the communities of Orange Hill and Georgetown, as well as other related Stakeholders adjacent or close to the proposed drilling sites for the next phase of the Geothermal Project.

The release says Company representatives will provide updates on the Geothermal Project, introduce the Project Grievance (Complaints) Mechanism and the Resettlement Action Plan.

The Company says transportation will be provided from persons from Sandy Bay and Langley Park.