Richmond Vale Academy To Host Open Day As Part Of Activities To Coincide With Earth Day 2016

Permaculture and Natural Farming are among issues expected to be discussed at an Open Day to be hosted by the Richmond Vale Academy this Friday, as part of activities to coincide with Earth Day 2016.

Earth Day 2016 was observed last Friday April 22nd, with the theme: Trees And Renewable Energy.

Principal of the Richmond Vale Academy, Stina Herberg says one of the Guest Speakers to be featured on Friday is the owner of a Model Farm located at Vermont.

In addition, Miss Herberg said Students from the Richmond Vale Academy will make presentations on environmental related topics throughout the day.

Miss Herberg, said Friday’s Open Day will run from 10:00am to 3:00pm, and will be educational, informative and entertaining.

The public of all ages are invited to participate in the Earth Day celebrations, which would feature displays and presentations on a range of issues.