Canouan School Structural Assessment Findings

A team of Engineers attached to the Buildings Department travelled to Canouan to perform a structural assessment of the Canouan Government School, on the request of the CEO of BRAGSA and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education.

This was the second team to travel to the School, the Ministry of Education said. The first team comprised of plumbing and electrical personnel, who carried out routine maintenance and assessments for the School Summer Repair Programme or 2016, and also the Buildings Maintenance Officer from Union Island, who was to perform an initial assessment of the structural issues previously reported.

The assessment’s primary goals were to ascertain if the School was at risk of imminent collapse and if the Grade 5/6 area can be utilized as classrooms by Teachers and Students.

Under Regular Use/Attrition, there are no major signs of failure which indicate that the School is in immediate threat of collapse, the Ministry said.
However the computer room show signs of structural cracks and other cracking and as a result it has been suggested to the Principal that this room be put out of use until further advised.

At this moment there is no major risk to students and personnel carrying out their classroom activities in the Grade 5 or 6 areas, the Ministry noted.