Canouan To See Increases In Employment In The Tourist Sector

The number of jobs in the Tourism Industry on the island of Canouan is expected to increase come year end.

With the completion of the Glossy Bay Marina project in site, Project Manager, Christopher Waddicar who is confident that with hard work, the Marina will be completed by the end of the year said that the Investors intend to ensure that a high proportion of the staff is Vincentian.

The project which stated approximately one year ago today is using natural products in the construction of a Marina will include 1 beachfront lots and five villas, Mr. Waddicar said.

Meanwhile, General Manager of the project, Roberto Tu-disco ensure resident of Canouan that the company has been trying to adhere to the environmental laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to ensure that the impact of the project on the island natural landscape is at a minimal.