Miss SVG Beauty Pageant Tomorrow

The stage is now set for the staging of the 2016 Miss SVG, slated for tomorrow night at the Victoria Park.

Cheryl Rodriguez, the Head of the Beauty Shows Committee of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) said, the contestants have worked very hard to make tomorrow night’s show is a success.

The eight contestants are: Shanique Alexander (Ms. Bank of SVG Ltd) – Anya Fredrick (Ms. St.Vincent Electricity Services) – Vakeesha John (Ms. Agricultural Input Warehouse) – Zeena Lewis (Ms. Lotto) – Ranaesha Loraine (Ms. Play 4) – Davahna Providence (Ms. Metrocint General Insurance Company Ltd) – Jeanetta Richards (Ms. Jergens) – Nikianna Williams (Miss Flow).

The show will also feature local acts, the Elite Steel Orchestra, 2015 Calypso Monarch Gem (Jenine brown), the brass section of the RSVG Police Band and Andy Cruickshank.

Ms. SVG 2016 will begin at 7 PM.

NBC Radio will bring live coverage of the show with the kind courtesy of the Bank of SVG and the National Lotteries.