2016 DMG Furniture, North Leeward 15-Overs A-Side Women’s Softball Cricket Championship Moves Into Playoff

The 2016 DMG Furniture, North Leeward 15-overs a-side Women’s Softball Cricket Championship will move into its playoff stage this weekend after the completion of the final two preliminary matches last weekend.

Upsetters defeated Pace Setters by 40 runs. The scores: Upsetters 108 off 13.2-overs; Giany Marshall 21, Pace Setters 68; Judith Bowens 38; Nakita Murray 3 for 28 and the final match between Troumaca and Attack Girls was abandoned due to heavy rain.

The playoff will take the IPL format with third placed Golden Girls of Fitz Hughes coming up against Carib Beer Rose Bank United at the Sharpe’s Playing Field on Saturday at 2:30 pm in the 1st playoff match.

On Sunday, at the Fitz Hughes Playing Field, the 2nd playoff will be between first place and favourites, Attack Girls of Spring Village and second place Upsetters of Sharpe’s with the winner qualifying for the Finals on 14th August at the Petit Bordel Playing Field.

However, the loser will have a second chance when they meet the winner of playoff one. The winner of this battle will determine the next finalist.