Adapting To Climate Change

The question of Climate Change Adaptation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and how it should be best dealt with, was raised among a number of local stake holders during the recent “Views on Issues Radio program on NBC Radio, which co-incided with World Food Day, celebrated on Sunday October 16th.

Niasha Hamilton, Environmental Educator, said that climate change is becoming more and more evident, hence the reason for the way in which things are done, to be changed.

Ms. Hamilton added that work is currently being done – towards elimination of the effects of climate change – such as greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, Cornelius Richards, Senior Forestry Supervisor, said that climate change isn’t anything new, but is something that one has to adopt to.

The program looked at agricultural practices in SVG – adapting to Climate Change and Lennox Lampkin, a Local Farmer said that Climate Change does not only impact food production, but food production also has its impact on Climate Change.

Mr. Lampkin said there is a particularly high carbon foot print in St. Vincent and the Grenadines – dispelling the often perceived notion – that Agriculture only has impacts on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions in countries that are far away.