Netball Updates

* Economic Planning is the 2016 Public Service Netball Champions after they defeated the Ministry of Health and the Environment 51-43 in the Final at the Girls High School Court afternoon.

The Ministry of Health led in the first quarter 15-13, Economic Planning took over in the second quarter 27-22 and in the third quarter 41-34 and eventually winning 51-43.

Skiddy Francis-Crick led the scoring for Economic Planning with 45 goals, supported goal attackers, Special Da Silva and Floret Byron with three goals each.

Goal attacker Acosa Horne was the leading scorer for the Ministry of Health with 30 goals, while goal shooters Maxine Cottle with 8 goals and Sydney Charles with five goals.

* KFC Pacers defeated G&T Enterprise Sydney Strikers 21-16 in yesterday’s match of the Vita Malt Sion Hill Netball Championship at the Hard Court of the Sion Hill Playing Field.

* This evening, OSCO Ball Warriors will meet Star Girls (2) at 5:30 while at 6:15, Trailblazers will play against Star Girls (1).