Financial Information Fair

As part of celebrations to mark Financial Information Month, Local Manufactures, Stake holders and financial institutions staged a fair at the Old Treasury Building Car Park.

The Month forms part of an ECCU public education programme coordinated by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB). Financial Information Month (FIM) is celebrated in October each year in the ECCU.

The programme promotes awareness and understanding of general financial and economic issues, that is, functional financial and economic literacy among the citizens. It incorporates a series of initiatives designed to support the attainment of the goal of “a financially developed and vibrant ECCU region that fosters strong and sustainable economic growth and the improved well-being of the citizenry.”

In keeping with such intiative – a number of local entities have partnered with the ECCB at the old treasury building site – to showcase their products and services to the public.

Elritha Miguel, Resident Representative of the ECCB outlined that a few objectives of the fair were to showcase for the public what they do in the financial services industry. They also partnered with the business sector to show what they have to offer, in which they create optimize opportunities where available to be maximized.