6th Homicide Victim for this Week

Edgar Reid, a Buccament Bay Shopkeeper, has been recorded as the Country’s 6th Homicide Victim for this week. The incident occurred around 8 pm last evening, in the Buccament Bay community.

According to Police reports, Edgar Reid died last evening around 8, after receiving multiple bullets by masked unknown assailants, in what is believed to have been a robbery, which occurred at his Business establishment in Buccament Bay.

In a statement this morning, Colin John, Deputy Commissioner of Police said that criminal activities occur everywhere, and notwithstanding the recent occurrences of homicides, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is safe.

He has again given Vincentians the assurance that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is still a safe place, despite the recent killings and in relation to the death of Mr. Reid, Deputy Commissioner John said there are a number of persons, who have come to the attention of the police.

Mr. Reid’s Death comes less than 24 hours after unknown assailants gunned down Sean Dopwell of Paul’s Avenue, outside of the Victoria Park, following the end of a Football Match on Tuesday Night.

According to Deputy Commissioner John investigations into the murder of Paul’s Avenue Resident, Sean Dopwell are still ongoing.

In an update on Jorani Baptiste, the 18 year old lone suspect in the killings for four persons, which transpired between Sunday and Monday of this week, Deputy John said that based on evidence provided, the police has no reason to believe that Mr. Baptiste is not guilty.

On Sunday Night, 35 year old Nicholas Layne of Campden Park, Pamela Williams a 59 year old of Kingstown Park and 74 year old Avis Israel along with her 47 year old Son of Old Montrose were all murdered.

The Police told Journalists at a Media Conference on Monday – they believe that 18 year old Jorani Baptiste of Sandy Bay is the Lone Suspect in the four (4) killings.

Baptiste was apprehended by residents of Kingstown Park, after they were alerted by screams from the home of Pamela Williams and he is now in Police Custody.

The Death of Edgar Reid, also known as Papa Reid of Buccament Bay brings the total number of murders for the year 2016 to 33.