WINFA’s Tour

The Windward Island Farmers Association WINFA participated in a 14 day speaker tour that took the concerns of local Caribbean farmers into the European media.

Kozel Peters-Fraser, Coordinator of the Windward Island Farmers Association was among 23 other European partners who attended seminars, and interviews in Austria, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

The campaign dubbed “Make Fruit Fair” was aimed at raising awareness on improving the living and working conditions of the people who supply the tropical fruit that is shipped to Europe every day.

Mrs. Peters-Fraser said that the importance of consumer demand in regards to ethical Fairtrade products was emphasized.

In the United Kingdom Mrs. Peters Fraser spoke with the BBC, where she highlighted the concerns of Unfair Trading Practices, committed by large supermarkets. She noted that the BBC commentary was based on fair trading practices means fair prices for person who are producing because you can’t sell persons below their cost of production for different issues. Issues such as environmental sustainable, decent work, poverty alleviation and it was pushing to represent the voice of farmers.

Mrs. Peters Fraser said the trip marks a successful event in WINFA’s mission to protect the livelihoods of Windward Islands Farmers