Water Vigilance

An official from the Ministry of Health has advised Vincentians to take precautions in the aftermath of flooding, to ensure that their water supply is clean and safe.

The word of caution came from Rodesia Grant, Environmental Health Officer, during NBC’s Face to Face program this week, as she reflected on the damage done by the trough which affected the country last week.

Miss Grant noted that pipelines could be damaged during flooding and these means that particles could enter into the pipeline before it reaches you. She noted that you need to be aware of where you are getting your water and if you are ever unsure of contamination you should boil water.

Miss Grant said persons should also check to see if their septic tanks have been damaged, following flooding. She said if your septic tank is damaged you must seal it immediately and if it is damaged to a point that you can’t then, there are persons from planning divisions who can assist you.