Marriaqua Netball Closed

Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem are the new champions of the Marriaqua Village Netball Championship after defeating High Park United 50-49 in a closely contested Final at the Hard Court of the Cane End Government School yesterday afternoon.

Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem led in all Quarters; 13-10, 26-19, 36-31 and closing out the match 50-49.

Tamisha Matthews with 27 goals from 44 attempts was Sea Operations Nar Fren Dems top shooter. She was supported by Jessica Lavia with 23 goals from 35 tries.

Former National player, Skiddy Francis-Crick netted all 49 goals from 53 attempts for High Park United.

Earlier in the third place play-off, Francis Combined defeated M-PES-CO of Mount Pleasant 35-30.

High Park United was adjudged the Most Disciplined Team.

Seven Teams took part in this year’s Championship.