Positive Reinforcement

A Pilot project, will soon be carried out by the Gender Affairs Division, within the Ministry of National Mobilisation, for a number of inmates currently houses at Her Majesty’s Prisons and the Belle Isle Correctional Facility.

Twenty Five inmates held at both Her Majesty’s Prisons and the Belle Isle correctional Facility, will from January 16th, participate in a programme called the Positive Reinforcement Programme for the Rehabitable (PRPR).

Anton Caesar, an official of the Ministry of Social Development told NBC News that the main focus will be on post-release preparation for the participants.

Some of which includes helping them to find job placements, counselling, parenting skills, therapy because it is all about getting that individual back on course so that they can be accepted back into society.

Mr. Caesar said the programme will be carried out for a period of three years. The first year will mainly deal with training and counselling while the last two years will be to monitor/evaluating their attitudes and behavior.

He added that discussions will be held with the Prison Service, with a view towards developing another programme which will cater to the needs of prisoners who have already been released.

The participants in the programme include prisoners from both the Belle Isle Correctional Facility and Her Majesty’s Prisons.