Football Updates

* SV United (1) defeated Biabou FC 3-1 yesterday afternoon at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown in the Hairoun/National Lotteries Authority North East Football League.

On target for SV United (1) were U-RANI Spring, Shorn Browne and KEM-RON OS-MENT.

Rudolph Williams netted the goal for Biabou FC.

* Jebelles FC and North East Masters will square-off in this afternoon’s encounter at a 4:15 also at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown.

* The National Lotteries Authority SVG Masters Football Tournament will resume tomorrow at Victoria Park with three matches following the break for the Christmas Holidays.

At 6 pm, North East Masters will clash with Royal Roots, then at 7 pm, Sion Hill Masters will tackle COMPUTEC VINCY Masters and SESCO Masters will face Murray Village Masters at 8 pm in the final match of the day.