Football Updates

* Two goals by Gaston Douglas and one from Sebastian Forde gave The Expendables Masters of Barrouallie a 3-1 win over Murray Village Masters last night in the National Lotteries Authority SVG Masters Football Tournament at Victoria Park.

Abi Davis netted the goal for Murray Village Masters.

A Cleus Cadougan goal gave Sion Hill Masters a 1-nil victory over North East Maters.

And, COMPUTEC VINCY Masters and Police Masters will continue the second half tomorrow afternoon at 5:30.

The game had to be cut short because of a Technical problem with the Lights, when play ended COMPUTEC VINCY Masters were leading Police Masters in the first half one goal to nil.

* Following the completion of that game, Vintage Gold Masters will meet Murray Village Masters at 6 pm, then at 7 pm, SESCO Masters will oppose defending champions, South Leeward Masters and Bequia Masters will play against Royal Roots Masters at 8 pm.

* Richland Park Pride and Joy and Out-A-Trouble played to a 1-1 draw yesterday afternoon in a Group ā€œAā€ match of the Hairoun National Lotteries Authority North East Football League at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown.

Nalroy Peters netted for Richland Park Pride and Joy, while Orande James scored for Out-A-Trouble.

* This afternoon at a 4:15, Ballerz United and Fancy FC will meet in a Group ā€œCā€ match also at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown.