NLA North East Football Standings

PYOLA of Layou are top of Group “A” of the Hairoun/National Lotteries Authority North East Football League. Bruce Law Chambers Sparta FC head Group “B”, with SV United in the lead in Group “C”.

PYOLA of Layou now have 15 points from 5 matches and are followed by Greggs FC on 13 points from 6 matches; Je belles Chapman FC 12 points from 5 matches; Out-A-Trouble 10 points from 5 matches; Richland Park Pride and Joy 8 points from 6 matches; SV United “B” 4 points from 6 matches, and Linkers FC 1 point from 5 matches.

The teams in Group “B” have each played 6 matches. Bruce Law Chambers Sparta FC are leading with 18 points. Je belles FC are on 17 points; LP Boys on 13 points, DESCO, also on 13 points, Owia on 6 points, with Royal Saints and North East Masters on 3 points each.

SV United are leading in Group “C” on 18 points from 5 matches. Ballerz United have 13 points from 6 matches. Biabou FC on 12 points from 5 matches; Brownstown on 10 points from 5 matches, Sparta FC (2) 7 points from 5 matches, Fancy 4 points from 6 matches and Carib Wariors 2 points from 6 matches.

The first and second teams from each Group will automatically advance to the Quarter-finals, which will be completed by the best of the two third placed teams from the Groups.