Football Updates

* Layou beat North Windward 3-nil on Sunday at Victoria Park to clinch the Senior Men’s Title of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation Championships.

In the Women’s Final, West Kingstown defeated South Leeward 1-nil to win that Title.

* North Leeward gained a 2-1 victory over Layou to clinch the Under-18s Title, while the Under-14 Title was won by East Kingstown, who beat North Windward 4-nil, and West Kingstown won the Under-10 Title, defeating Layou 3-1.

* Meanwhile, Biabou FC defeated Pride and Joy 5-4 on penalties after a 1-1 draw at the end of regulation time yesterday afternoon in the Hairoun/National Lotteries North East Football League at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown.

At 4:15 this afternoon, Ballerz United will meet Linkers FC in the Knockout Quarter-final also at the Chili Playing Field in Georgetown.