Mas Evolution

Vincentians will be treated to the evolution of Vincy Mas with a series of shows which will walk them through the four decades of the change from a pre-lengthen carnival to a June-July festival.

The Carnival Development Corporation, CDC said the first in the series of Shows will take place this weekend, at the tarmac of the former E T Joshua Airport, and has been dubbed: ‘The All Stars Show’.

The CDC said the Show will mark the kick off of the 40th anniversary celebrations for Vincy Mas and will feature some of biggest stars in Vincentian music.

The line-up includes Alston Becket Cyrus, Winston Soso, Scorcher and Poorsah. Other performances will come from Luta, Shaunelle, Vibrating Skakes, CP, Man Stone, Lil Chris, Chewalee, Bomani, Lexi and the Black Messenger.

There would also be Mas presentations and a performance by the Starlift Steel Orchestra.

The CDC said an interesting feature will be that of the young performers paying tribute to the greats like the Professor, Tommy T and others in song.

The Show is scheduled to get underway at 8 tomorrow.