Come to Fancy

Plans are being put in place for the Fancy Heroes Day Festival, set to take place next week Tuesday March 14th, National Heroes Day.

The Festival, which is now into its 13th year, will be held under the theme: Keeping our Cultural Heritage Alive and Clean, this Heroes Day 2017

This year’s event will again be hosted by the Fancy Unity Farmers’ Co-operative, in collaboration with the Fancy Chapter of the North Windward Tourism Association.

Filicia Alexander, one of the Organizers of the Festival told NBC News the festival is an all-day affair which will feature a rich cultural package and a wide array of traditional foods.

She added that there will be a history on Garifuna done by Cecil “Blazer’ Williams.

Miss Alexander-Francis said this year’s festival will be entertaining, as well as educational, as they will be focusing on traditional and indigenous activities.