Platinum Search Finals

The National Grand Finals of Platinum Search International will take place next week Saturday, April 1st.

Ten finalists have been selected to compete in the competition at the Victoria Park.

Kenneth Gladstone, Show Producer said the public can expect a great entertainment at the Prestigious Show.

Mr. Gladstone said major promotions are ongoing for the finals which begin at 7pm next Saturday April 1st.

The ten finalists are Gary Miller; Casairo Cumberbatch; Hayden Billingy; Morisa McKenzie; Norita Baynes; Angelizue Garraway; Jahleel Cruickshank; Kevan Glasgow; Javelle Frank and Jonathan Muckette.

The Guest Performers are Vincentians Caywama Edwards; Ronny Richards and Delma Perez from Tortola.