Police Investigations

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Julian Murray, a 58-year-old man of Mahoe in Campden Park.

According to the Police, investigations into the incident revealed that Murray was involved in an altercation with some relatives last Friday March 24th.

Police said Murray sustained injuries, which prompted concerned citizens to take him to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Monday March 27. He succumbed to his injuries on the morning of Tuesday March 28th.

Two persons are in custody assisting the police with the investigations.

Meanwhile, the Police are also investigating a murder, which took place at the Port Elizabeth Harbour, Bequia, on Monday March 27.

Brendon Goodgie, a 59-year-old watchman formally of Questelles, was involved in an altercation, which resulted in him being knocked into the sea. He was rushed to the Port Elizabeth Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A man is in custody assisting the Police with the investigations.