Grammar School Young Leaders

The Young Leaders of the St. Vincent Grammar School will be seeking to educate the Vincentian public on the importance of Volunteerism as they embark on their 2017 RBTT Young Leaders project.

Their project will be based on the national theme, “I am WE: Volunteering for IMPACT” and the school’s subtheme: “Volunteering together – an impact lasting forever.”

Speaking on NBC’s Interface programme this morning, Gian-Paul Baker, President of the St. Vincent Grammar School Young Leaders, said the group’s project will be highlighting the importance of working together to achieve a common goal.

The group recently conducted a visit to the Thompson Home, which is located next to the school’s compound at Richmond Hill.

Meanwhile, Romario Sam, 2nd Vice President said he was thrilled to interact with some of society’s elders, who have contributed in various ways to their communities.