Football Updates

Dorian Dallaway scored four goals and Javin Sutherland scored (1) as 2016 Knockout Champions, Walvaroo City beat Brighton 5-2 yesterday afternoon in the Hairoun Biabou Football League at the Biabou Playing Field.

The goals for Brighton were scored by Sylvester Frederick and Darian Antoine.

At 4:30 this afternoon, Unique Warriors of Colonarie will meet Humble Lions of Mesopotamia also at the Biabou Playing Field.

Meanwhile, A Jaray Phillips goal gave Hollywood a 1-nil victory over Top Dog of Edinboro yesterday afternoon in the Sharpes Nine-a-side Football League at the Sharpes Playing Field.

At 4:30 today, COMPUTEC/FLOW High Street will do battle with Scholars SL of Paul’s Avenue also at the Sharpes Playing Field.

AND, Lucians and Lions will square-off in this afternoon’s match of the Hairoun Belfongo Football League at the Belair Playing Field.