Coulls Hill Wall

A commitment has been given by the Government that efforts will be made soon to fix the Retaining Wall at Coulls Hill, which was extensively damaged during the December 2013 Floods.

Julian Francis, Minister of Transport and Works said in Parliament yesterday that temporary solution will be made to the problem.

In response to a question by the Parliamentary Representative, Roland Matthews, Minister Francis provided an update of a study which was carried out for the area and it requires a lot of excavation or earth movement.

Minister Francis said within a short space of time there will be a temporary fix to the damaged wall until they get further into this larger project.

Meanwhile, two Bills – the Finance Act 2017; the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Amendment bill were passed in Parliament yesterday.

The Proceeds of Crime Amendment Bill; the Occupational health and safety Bill as well as eight Private Bills received their first reading.

The next meeting of parliament will be held on May 18th 10am.