CDC Junior Shows

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) said it will be seeking to add a number of innovations this year with the aim of enhancing the appeal of Vincy Mas 2017 to the junior masqueraders.

Ricky Adams, CDC Chairman, spoke of several innovations during a news conference yesterday that are intended to increase youth participation in the various junior events.

Mr. Adams said organizers of the Junior Carnival event, slated for Saturday July 1st, will be seeking to cater more for the needs of participants on the day of the event.

He said the intent is to put a mini fair ground at the back of the stage for those junior masqueraders who don’t wish to go back uptown, they could enjoy the balance of their evening in the Victoria Park.

Mr. Adams said efforts will also be made to improve schools’ participation in the Junior Soca and Calypso competition slated for July 4th.