First Aid App

An application called “The St. Vincent and the Grenadines First Aid App” is available to give the public free instant access to First Aid information to handle the most common first aid emergencies.

Word of this came from Julia Simmons, Disaster Manager at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Red Cross Society, which joined with its counterparts across the globe yesterday to observe World Red Cross Day under the theme: Everywhere for Everyone.

Ms Simmons told NBC News that the application, which was developed by the American Red Cross, was first launched in 2013, for countries that received training under the American Standard First Aid CPR and AED Programme.

Ms. Simmons who is also an instructor for First Aid CPR AED, explained that the application is user friendly.

The SVG First Aid Application outlines a variety of First Aid Tips on a range of health issues, including, Asthma Attacks, Bleeding, Choking, Burns, Diabetic Emergencies, Broken Bones and Allergies among others.