Ashton Lagoon Restoration

The Sustainable Grenadines Incorporated (SUSGREN) said it is preparing to resume its work on the Ashton Lagoon Restoration Project on the Grenadine Island of Union Island.

The project was officially launched in September 2015 and Residents on Union Island said they are expecting the Ashton Lagoon Restoration Project to bring significant positive benefits to their lives.

The residents also said the Ashton Lagoon once played a very important role in the lives of people on Union island but this changed after a failed Mariner project which had many negative environmental impacts on the area.

The Lagoon is now stagnant and a major project has been launched by the Sustainable Grenadines Incorporated (SUSGREN) along with other partners to return this area to its former glory.

Orisha Joseph, Program Manager at SUSGREN, said they recently received grant funding which will go towards the rehabilitation work which they intend to do on the Ashtoon Lagoon.

Miss Joseph said while it has taken a long time for work to commence on the project, they are now moving forward with the restoration.