NTCOG Convention

The 69th Annual Convention of the New Testament Church of God opened last night with a challenge for Believers to play a leading role in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world.

Members from the twenty-two denominations of the New Testament Church of God converged at the Wilson Hill Church last night for a Thanksgiving Service to kick off its 69th Annual Convention.

They were joined by representatives from Regional and International Churches for the celebration under the theme “A National Church Commissioned to Make Disciples”

Dr. Timothy Hill, General Overseer of the New Testament Church of God, delivered the sermon, and reminded the congregation of their important role in finishing the great commission.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves also delivered a brief address at the service, noting that he follows closely the work of the New Testament Church.

Several other activities will be held throughout the week, including a Workshop on Leadership and Entrepreneurship on Saturday at the Wilson Hill New Testament Church of God.

The activities will conclude on Sunday with a Mission Service from 9:30am and a Youth Extravaganza from 2pm at the Arnos Vale Playing Field.