Minibus Operators Day

Minibus Drivers and Operators across the country have been urged to take part in activities to mark Minibus Operators Day, which will be observed this Thursday May 25th under the theme: ‘Keep us safe today, as you take us on our way’.

The initiative was officially launched last week by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with Ministry of Transport, the Police Force, the SVG Insurance Association, the Minibus Operators and the National Reconciliation Advisory Committee.

Delivering remarks at the launch, Maureen Williams, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education said a number of stakeholders have come forward to support the activities organized for the day.

Mrs. Williams said one of the main aims of the initiative is to establish a positive relationship between the Minibus operators and the Ministry of Education.

Meanwhile, Reverend Stephen Ollivierre, Chairman of the National Reconciliation Advisory Committee made an appeal for Minibus Operators throughout the country to keep the nation’s children safe at all times.

Reverend Ollivierre is also appealing to everyone to work together in the holistic development of the nation’s children.

He said not just parents, teachers and bus operators but every adult has to play a role in the positive upbringing of the nation’s children.