Prosthetics for the Productive

Janelle Ballah, Physiotherapist with the Ministry of Health said the people who have been benefitting from Prosthetic limbs being provided by Sailing 4 Handicaps from Germany, are those who can return to the nation’s work force and live a full productive life despite their amputations.

The organization Sailing 4 Handicaps from Germany is currently in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to provide ten prosthetic limbs to Vincentian amputees and thus far six have already been disseminated.

Miss Ballah said most of the prosthetic limbs which are being provided are for persons who had amputations below the knee.

Miss Ballah said the Prosthetic limbs being provided by Sailing 4 Handicaps are valued at ten thousand U.S dollars each but they are being provided to the amputees free of cost.

She said they also hope to continue this relationship with Sailing 4 Handicaps for many years to come.