Football Updates

*Eight goals were scored yesterday afternoon at the Cane End Playing Field as Pride and Joy defeated Top Dog Strikers of Freeland 6-2 in the National Lotteries Authority FLOW/Hairoun COMPUTEC Kirk Da Silva/RUFF-I Sound System Marriaqua Football Championship.

Tiwane Stephens scored two of the goals for Pride and Joy and there was a goal each from Otis Hector, Orlando Trimmingham, Dante Toney and Nalroy Peters.

Andre Primus netted both goals for Top Dog Strikers of Freeland.

Today at 4:30 pm, Fair Hall will meet Belmont also at the Cane End Playing Field.

* Older Boys did not have to sweat yesterday afternoon for their victory against AC Roma in the Hairoun Belfongo Knockout Football Championship at the Belair Playing Field.

AC Roma turned up with players short and did not take the Field conceding the match to Older Boys by the default route.

Today at 4:30 pm, League Champions LLB Street Kickers will meet Thompson’s Cooling Services Jus We Fresh in another match also at the Belair Playing Field.

* Harmony Unity won by default over Sion Hill yesterday afternoon in the Sharpes Nine-a-side Football League at the Sharpes Playing Field.

At 4:30 pm today, LA Central will play against Top Strikers at the Sharpes Playing Field.

* Biabou Stingers won by default over Choppins United yesterday afternoon in the Hairoun Biabou Nine-A-Side Football League at the Biabou Playing Field.

Tomorrow at 4:30 pm, Biabou FC will meet Stubbs FC also at the Biabou Playing Field.

In related News…organizers said there will be no Knockout Competition this year.

AND, Quetelles (1) will clash in this afternoon’s Quarter-final match of the ECGC/Hairoun South Leeward Inter-Village Football Championship at half past four at the Campden Park Playing Field.