Baptism of Inmates

A number of inmates housed at the two correctional Facilities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, will be baptized during two separate baptism services.

The first service will be conducted this Sunday May 28th at the Belle Isle Correctional Facility – while the other will take Place on Sunday June 4th at Her Majesty’s Prisons.

Brenton Charles, Acting Superintendent of Prisons, told NBC News that the Baptism Service comes following the decision by a number of Inmates who decided to follow Christ during Easter.

The Acting Superintendent said that both services will be conducted by a few local ministers of the Gospel.

Baptism Services are usually held at beaches, but Mr. Charles said this will not be done for the inmates.

The Acting Superintendent of Prisons said that on a daily basis the Prisoners do make an effort to change their lives.

Six inmates from the Belle Isle Correctional Facility will be baptized this weekend, while 14 at Her Majesty’s Prisons will be baptized on June 4th.