Vincentian Coach to be Honoured

Vincentian Athletic Coach, Mike Ollivierre is being honored this weekend for his outstanding contribution to the Development of Athletes and Athletics in Jamaica.

The event will take place in Montego Bay, Jamaica from 26th to 30 of this month.

The Flyer for the event is headlined: “Coach Ollivierre’s Appreciation. In honour of Coach Michael Ollivierre.

It describes Ollivierre as the most accompanied Track and Field Coach, Mentor, Father, Friend, Counselor and Teacher, and lauds him as the most proficient High School Coach to the Penn Relays from 1981 while he was based at the Elizabeth Technical High School in Jamaica.

During the 13 years that he coached Penn Relay Teams, Ollivierre coached teams won 21 Titles, and he assisted in securing 98 Athletes Scholarships for Boys and Girls from their participation in the Penn Relays.