FLOW National Netball Results

At the weekend, New Era Pepper Stars, Dr. Jules Ferdinand ASCO and Twilight Trading X-CEED won matches in the FLOW National Netball Championship at the Kingstown National Netball Center at New Montrose.

New Era Pepper Stars won by default over SVG General Services Juniors in Division (3).

In Division (1), Dr. Jules Ferdinand ASCO defeated Star Girls 51-40, and Twilight Trading X-CEED beat Dutch Lady Clincehres 83-46, also in Division (1).

Today, at this moment, there will be a Division (4) match between Intermediate High School and Sandy Bay Secondary School. At 5:00 pm, SVG General Services Seniors will meet Green Hill in the Division (2) Knockout Championship, and at 5:45 pm, Hill View will oppose Twilight Trading X-CEED in a match of the Division (1) Championship.