Netball Results

Sandy Bay Secondary School, Western Union Mitres and Twilight Trading X-CEED won their matches yesterday afternoon in the FLOW National Netball Championships at the Kingstown Netball Center at New Montrose.

In the 4th Division, Sandy Bay Secondary School defeated the Girls’ High School 28-17. Twilight Trading X-CEED beat Sea Operations Nah Fren Dem 67-35 in Division (1), and Western Union Mitres won by default from Hill View also in the 1st Division.

Today at 3:45 pm, Bethel High School will play against the Girls High School in the 4th Division Knock-out Championship, and at 5:45 pm, Third World Man’s Shop will oppose French Verandah X-CEED in a match of the Second Division Knock-out Championship.

The matches are also at the Kingstown Netball Centre at New Montrose.