Early Childhood Awards

The Early Childhood Department in the Ministry of Education will hold its Second Award and Prize Giving Ceremony tomorrow, to conclude the Child Month Activities for 2017.

The aim is to recognize the contribution of Early Childhood Practitioners to the Early Childhood Sub-sector as well as to encourage continued quality services, that are being offered by the numerous preschools and daycare centres throughout SVG.

A number of preschools participated in the Best Practices Competition. In this competition, a video was made based on observations of the many preschools and the judging criteria focused on assessment of whether the preschool was child-friendly; the indoor and outdoor environment the awareness of the teachers of the needs of the children and their interaction with the children.

In addition, recognition will be given to parents whose involvement in the Parent Teacher’s Association is highly commendable and the level of support given emotionally, financially and physically is extremely high.

The Ministry said it is hoped that this activity enables preschools across St. Vincent and the Grenadines to raise the standard of operations and the quality of services offered to the general public.

Tomorrow’s ceremony will be held at Frenches House from 9:30 am.