Parliamentary Front Against Hunger

Saboto Caesar, Minister of Agriculture, is among speakers listed to address a Meeting of the Parliamentary Front Against Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean, scheduled to take place in Barbados this week.

A release from the Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO, of the United Nations says the meeting will take place this Friday July 21st and will be attended by Parliamentarians from across the Caribbean.

The forum is being convened to develop and strengthen regulatory frameworks to help eradicate hunger, food and insecurity and malnutrition in the region.

The discussions will seek to determine key food and nutrition security issues, based on existing data, the region’s peculiarities and the best national and sub-regional mechanisms to advance laws, policies and advocacy on these issues.

This country’s Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar is the Sub-co-ordinator for the Caribbean on the Executive Committee of Parliamentary Front against Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean.