SVGTU Issues

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) said it will be taking steps to address a number of outstanding issues relating to the ill-treatment of teachers and their conditions of work.

Oswald Robinson, President of the Union, highlighted a number of issues affecting the union and its membership at a media briefing at the Union’s headquarters this morning.

Mr. Robinson said the Union is concerned with breaches of the 2005 Collective Agreement, signed between the Union and the government, on the issue of salaries and other financial benefits.

Mr. Robinson said Special Need Teachers have not been receiving their allowances as stipulated in the collective agreement.

He also pointed to the numerous breaches of Article 26 of the Collective Agreement which deals with the promotion of Teachers.

Mr. Robinson said the Union will not stand by while teachers are not fairly remunerated for their work.